Technical Support

If you find that something on the website is not working in your browser quite as you expected, we're more than ready to help you.

Before you e-mail us though, please make sure you've read the pages dealing with

Technical Questions
If you have a technical question, please describe your problem as accurately as possible and include the following information about your computer:

PC or Mac Operating system
Browser and version number
Video player model and version number, and
Type of internet access (cable/DSL/dialup).

Again, try to be as specific as possible in describing your problem.

Send your support questions to:  

We'll normally get back to you within 24 hours, unless we're away from our computers (there aren't very many of us here).

You can write to us in English, French, and German, although the answer will probably be in English.

To contact Brent directly, please see below.

Ooops! Access Denied!
If you get this error message after trying to log in, you may have just made a typing error, so please double-check the spelling of your username and password, including uppercase and lowercase. Also be sure to type in the security word shown in the image correctly.

Try to log in again with a different security word. However, do not keep trying over and over. Our Strongbox security system, which prevents password abuse, may block you.

Having trouble logging in?
If you are having trouble logging in, first, make sure that your membership hasn't expired. If you only signed up for a 30 day membership, has it been 30 days? Did you sign up for a "recurring" membership, where your card is billed each month or did you sign up for just one month or six months?

If you cannot remember what kind of membership you signed up for, or if you cannot remember your password, it is best if you contact the company you submitted your credit card information to. You can find this information below or on the FAQ page.

If you know your membership is still valid, please double-check the username and password you were emailed when you joined the site. By far the most common problem is a mistyped username or password. Perhaps try cutting and pasting the username & password directly from the email you received when you signed up into the fields on the login form, as it is not always easy to tell the difference between 0 and O (capital letter O versus the number zero, or 1 and l (lowercase L versus the number 1), etc. It is also quite common to make a typing mistake. Cutting and pasting the correct username and password from the email takes care of any such issues. Remember that usernames and passwords are cAse SeNsItIvE. Username 'joe' is not the same as username 'Joe'. Also be sure that you are typing the security word in its field correctly.

If you are STILL unable to log in after trying the above suggestions THEN send an email to Let us know you have tried copying & pasting your username to ensure you are not mistyping either of those and you are taking special care to type the secret word correctly. Be sure to include your username and your billing company's name (Zombaio, CCBill, or Verotel) as well as any error message you are getting.

Having trouble viewing content?
If you are trying to view content and cannot, first check your browser settings. Are images allowed from this site? If not, "allow images".

If you are constantly being prompted to log in over & over, every time you click on a link, again, check your browser settings. Are cookies allowed/enabled from this site? If not, "allow/enable cookies". You should only have to log in once to access the content in the members area. Being prompted repeatedly to log in suggests there may an issue with your browser's settings.

You'll also find more information on the FAQ and the Site Requirements pages.

Having trouble with viewing FLASH content on your Google CHROME browser?

It has recently come to our attention, with the help of a devoted fan, that some people may have difficulty viewing Flash files or accessing the Webcam Player in Google Chrome either because Chrome isn't updating Flash versions automatically, or because of wrong flash settings in Chrome. Here are some links that will help you to correct this:

1) Go here to download the latest version of the Flash Player for your Operating System:

2) Go to this Adobe page to find out how to choose the correct settings for your Operating System:

3) You can also watch this YouTube video which describes what to do:

4) You can go here to see Google Chrome's Help Page which discusses the potential problems:

5) Or, you can use another browser, like Firefox for example, lol.


If you have questions about your membership, if you've mislaid your username or password, if you want to alter or cancel your membership, please contact CCBill or Zombaio Customer Support Center. Just click on the images below.




For booking Brent Everett for personal public appearances, please contact us at

Click here to go to the Media Kit page.

PLEASE NOTE: The links in this section are only for BOOKING Brent for PUBLIC appearances in clubs or other events, for example Gay Pride events or Gay Film Festivals.

Brent does not escort.



Brent would like to hear from you. If you want to contact him directly, please send your e-mail to:

But, it may take several days for him to get back to you, because he gets a great deal of e-mail now and answers it all himself.

If you want to send Brent something via snail mail, please use this address:

Brent Everett Media
310-777 Royal Oak Drive
P.O. Box 53559
Victoria, BC V8X 5K2

But please remember that normal postal service is quite slow when it has to cross international borders.

Do you want me to visit your town?

I've received quite a few requests from you guys regarding how to get me to come to your town for an appearance. I thought I should make a little posting for you about how you could help me to get there if you really want to meet me. My advice would be to call your local clubs and/or gay adult stores and suggest booking me to make a personal appearance there. Also, suggest doing something in conjunction with another gay business to keep costs down. All they need to do is contact me here, or e-mail us at for bookings.

The last and most important thing is to make sure you give them your name and phone number and tell them to mention that you referred me... I will give them a discount and you will receive a backstage pass to hang out with me ALL NIGHT while I am there, along with some free goodies!

- Brent