BRENT'S BLOG is unavailable due to our continuing disagreements with Blogger.  I have decided not to resurrect it. The blog's place has been taken by BRENT'S FANS which is part of the website itself, available to all members.
To access it, go to the homepage and click on Blog.

BRENTEVERETT.COM: I've reduced the membership subscription price for to US$9.95 per month as a result of the restrictions placed on us all during the Covid-19 pandemic. I want to make it easier for you during this period, when you also may have financial limitations, to interact with something other than Netflix. Stay safe & get vaccinated as soon as possible!

SOCIAL MEDIA: In the meantime, for news and more, please check the News page at, my Twitter Account, and my Facebook Account. I also have a new Instagram account named The Everett Effect ( This one goes hand-in-hand with a documentary about my life being produced by Francis Luta which is due for release in 2022.

MY FANS ACCOUNT OPTIONS: I have created my own fan account/blog using the domain name BRENTSFANS.COM. It's part of the membership pages of the website as an additional membership benefit. To access it, go to the homepage and click on Blog.

JUSTFOR.FANS: I have opened a new fan account with JustFor.Fans, not only a less restrictive fan website than OnlyFans, but also one with more options, such as the ability to operate a small store. Its regular monthly fee is only $9.99, so please check it out.

ONLYFANS: OnlyFans seems to have permanently blocked my account for a second time without explanation. I am still trying to decide how to proceed with them, hoping to resolve this situation.


A WORD OF WARNING: The social media accounts listed above are the only REAL Brent Everett social media accounts. Any others you come across are unauthorized, no matter how real they look. Also, we were recently made aware of a SCAM website that was trying to fool people to pay for subscriptions that did not go through CCBill or Zombaio. This scam website has been blocked by the hosting company where it had been uploaded. But it means other scam sites could exist.  So, please make sure that you are on "" before you sign up for anything!
Also, we've had word that there may be guys on some dating apps that are using my name to try to scam people out of money using my name. Don't fall for that. For 1-on-1 Skype shows, the way to contact Brent is on the homepage.


ZOMBAIO: Another word of warning for some of my loyal members who are still rebilling through Zombaio. The Zombaio website disappeared sometime during the first week of February 2021. Word on the 'net is that the company has closed its site but is still rebilling current members. If you are one of those, please contact your bank or credit card company and have them refuse to accept any further payment attempts by Zombaio. And please let me know what's happened. 

Thanks everyone.